Eric Bell VC Blue Plaque unveiling

Photographs from the Blue Plaque unveiling ceremony



Photographs left to right

  1. A very wet July in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh.
  2. Shielded from the rain by umbrella held by Alan Boyd, Secretary, Ulster History Circle, Tom Elliott MP addresses assembled guests.
  3. Tom Elliott, MP, unveils the blue plaque.
  4. L.r. Wilma Dunlop with Lynda Jones of 2 Irvinestown Road.
  5. Members of the Royal Inniskilling  Fusiliers Regimental Association who attended the unveiling.
  6. l.r. Jack Dunlop, Lynda Jones, Tom Elliott MP and Chris Spurr, Chairman, Ulster History Circle.

Eoin MacNeill plaque unveiling

Photographs from the Blue Plaque unveiling ceremony
Photographs left to right
  1. St. Malachy’s College Motto – ‘Gloria Ab intus’ (Glory from within)
  2. College archivist, Gerry McNamee welcomes Gearoid Trimble, Foras na Gaeilge who sponsored the blue plaque, and Gerry and Mark Hughes.
  3. Senator Michael McDowell, grandson of Eoin MacNeill signs the guest book for Mairead Ferguson, treasurer, Ulster History Circle.
  4. Samantha Long, Secretarial Assistant to the Senator, Seanad Eireann with Principal, St. Malachy’s College, Paul McBride and Gerry McNamee, College archivist.
  5. Chris Spurr, Chairman Ulster History Circle welcomes guests.
  6. Senator McDowell unveils the blue plaque to his grandfather. The plaque is sited on the wall of the College, directly underneath the room where Eoin MacNeill boarded during his days as a student.
  7. BBC, UTV, RTE and NVTV as well as local press covered the unveiling.
  8. l.r. Sheila Parkhill, Jane Leonard and Trevor Parkhill,
  9. l.r. Dr. Peter Collins, Brian Feeney and Eamon Pheonix.
  10. l.r. Senator Michael McDowell,Alasdair McDonnell MP, Oisin McDonnell, and Gerry McNamee.

John Alexander Sinton plaque unveiling

Photographs from the Blue Plaque unveiling
Photos left to right:-
  1. Guests at Lissan Parish Church, Churchtown, Cooktown, Co. Tyrone.
  2. L.r. Mrs. Meta Bell, MBE. D.L. Rev. Alan Cross, Lissan Parish Church,Trevor Wilson, Chairman, Mid-Ulster Council, Nial Watson, grandson of John Alexander Sinton VC, Ian Crozier, CEO, Ulster Scots Agency, Neill Salisbury, President, Royal British Legion, Northern Ireland and Chris Spurr, Chairman, Ulster History Circle.
  3. Jack Dunlop and colleagues,  Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers Regimental Association.
  4. L.r. – Nial Watson who unveiled the blue plaque to his grandfather, with Nigel McFadzean, great nephew of Private William McFadzean VC, and Leonard Quigg, great nephew of Sgt. Robert Quigg VC.
  5. L.r. Rev. Alan Cross, Nial Watson, Mairead Ferguson, Alan Boyd and Chris Spurr, Ulster History Circle with Ian Crozier, Ulster-Scots Agency who funded the plaque to John Alexander Sinton VC.

Joseph Henry Thompson plaque unveiling

Photographs from the plaque unveiling ceremony


Photographs left to right:-

  1. Joseph Henry Thompson, Michigan USA. 1909.
  2. L.r. Aimee Glenny, Mairead Ferguson, Maynard Hanna, Georgia Monteith and Liam Logan.
  3. Chris Spurr, Chairman Ulster History Circle addresses guests at the Kilmorey Arms Hotel, Kilkeel, Co. Down.
  4. CEO, Ian Crozier, Ulster-Scots Agency funder of the blue plaque.
  5. U.S. Council General, Belfast, Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau watches the ceremony.
  6. Prior to the unveiling of the plaque, Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau speaks to the audience.
  7. Councillor Henry Reilly, great great great cousin and Denise Reilly, the great great cousin of Joseph Henry Thompson, with  the US. Consul General, Belfast, Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau as she unveils the blue plaque.
  8. L.r.  Sam Hamilton, proprietor of the Kilmorey Arms Hotel,  Henry Reilly, Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau, Denise Reilly, Ian Crozier, Mairead Ferguson, treasurer Ulster History Circle and Chairman, Chris Spurr.
  9. L.R. Ian Crozier, Bernard Gilliland, American Legion, Sam Hamilton, Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau and Maynard Hanna
  10. L.r. Chris Spurr with Maynard Hanna, Brian McKeown, Ulster History Circle, Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau, Leslie McKeague.Ulster History Circle and Ian Crozier.

Ada Bodart Plaque unveiling

Photographs from the Plaque unveiling ceremony
Photographs left to right
  1. Ada Bodart, nee Anna Maria Doherty.
  2. Councillor Roisin Mulgrew unveils the plaque.
  3. Chris Spurr, Chairman Ulster History Circle, Councillor Roisin Mulgrew, Newry, Mourne and Down District Council, Francis Gallagher, Old Newry Society and Dr. Robert Whan, Newry and Mourne Museum.
  4. L.r. Rory McEvoy and Paul Madden (Madden Gallery) with Michael McKeown, Crash Services, Newry.
  5. Maynard Hanna, Kilkeel with Michael O’Hare, Chairman Newry Maritime Association.

Elizabeth G Bell Plaque unveiling

Photographs from the Plaque unveiling ceremony

Photographs left to right
  1. Elizabeth Gould Bell.
  2. Patrick Connolly, Estates Manager-Daisy Hill Hospital overseeing the installation of the blue plaque.
  3. Sir Peter Froggatt who unveiled the plaque, with Dr. Raymond Mullan, Southern Health & Social Care Trust non-executive director and Mairead Ferguson,treasurer,Ulster History Circle.
  4. Chris Spurr,Chairman, Ulster History Circle with Dr. Raymond Mullan, Anne Smyth,Old Newry Society and Dr. Shelagh Mary Calvert, grand-niece of Elizabeth Gould Bell.
  5. L.R. Sir Peter Froggatt, Danny-Hi-tec, Chris Spurr, Myrtle Hill, Councillor Roisin Mulgrew and Mairead Ferguson.

Patrick Magee plaque unveiling

Report to follow soon.

Photographs – left to right

  1. Vice-Chair Ulster History Circle, Dr. Myrtle Hill welcomes guests.
  2. Sam and Joan McCready from Baltimore. USA
  3. J.J. Tohill with Seamus and Brenda McKee.
  4. Daragh Carville, playwright  and screenwriter with Sarah Clarke-  UTV.
  5. Guests and bystanders watch the ceremony.
  6. Stephen Rea, actor of stage and screen who unveiled the plaque addresses guests.
  7. Mark Magee, son of Patrick Magee with his family and Stephen Rea.
  8. L.R. Alan Boyd, Chris Spurr, Myrtle Hill, Stephen Rea, Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Sam Nicholson, Paul Mcavinchey and DaraghCarville

Robert Quigg VC plaque unveiling

Tuesday, 28th June 2016 will forever be remembered in the history of Bushmills, as the day on which HM Queen Elizabeth II came to the town to unveil the bronze statue to one of Bushmills’ heroic sons, Robert Quigg who won the Victoria Cross for his gallantry at the Battle of the Somme on 1st July I9I6.

The bronze statue project was led by Robert Quigg’s great nephew, Leonard Quigg and the committee of the Commemoration Society, Robert Thompson and Keith Beattie, and the majority or the money for the statue had been contributed by the local community.  When the Ulster History Circle approached Leonard Quigg about the possibility of unveiling a blue plaque to Robert Quigg VC, after Her Majesty had left Bushmills, he was very receptive of the idea.

So on the afternoon of 28th June, a large contingent of Robert Quigg’s extended families which included Quiggs, Nesbitts, Beatties, Sherrards, McCartney, Hughes and Ward from Canada, Knox and McAfees, arrived at the old schoolhouse at the Giant’s Causeway, to watch a blue plaque to their ancestor being unveiled by Jean Gibson from Scotland, the niece of Robert Quigg VC.

Welcoming everyone to the very special day and ceremony, Chris Spurr, Chairman-Ulster History Circle, thanked Seymour and Carol Sweeney, the owners of the Nook Restaurant, for permitting the blue plaque to be put up on the building which was once the schoolhouse where Robert Quigg attended as a young boy.  Chris said that the commemoration was taking place almost 100 years to the day, when Robert Quigg’s valour won him the Victoria Cross.

Robert Quigg’s citation described how he had advanced 3 times with his platoon to assault the German lines. When Robert heard that his platoon officer, Sir Harry Macnaghten, the son of the local landowner, Lady Macnaghten, was lying wounded on No Man’s Land, for 7 hours Robert went out under heavy machine gun fire to look for him.  His body was never found but on each sortie, Robert Quigg brought back wounded men and one such man was Robert Matthews of Mosside who survived, and whose family Robert and Louise Matthews were guests at the unveiling of the plaque.

Speeches were heard from Leonard Quigg, Ian Paisley MP, and Ian Crozier, CEO-Ulster Scots Agency who sponsored the plaque, and before going inside the old schoolhouse to enjoy refreshments, Chris Spurr said that the day in Bushmills would most certainly go down in the annals of history of the History Circle, as being a very special day indeed, one which could never be repeated.

Photographs from the event

Photographs – left to right

  1. The bronze statue of Robert Quigg VC by renowned sculptor, David Annand, in Bushmills. The statue was unveiled in the morning by Her Majesty the Queen.
  2. Outside the Old School House, Giants Causeway, (now the Nook Restaurant) Chris Spurr-Chairman, Ulster History Circle being interviewed by NVTV.
  3. L.r.  Leonard Quigg, great nephew of Robert Quigg VC and Robert Thompson, local WW1 historian.
  4. Ian Paisley MP. with CEO -Ulster Scots Agency, Ian Crozier.
  5. Guests who included many Quigg family members watch the ceremony.
  6. l.r. – Chris Spurr, Ian Paisley MP, Ian Crozier, Jean Gibson, niece of Robert Quigg VC and Leonard Quigg, great nephew.
  7. Jean Gibson from Scotland, niece of Robert Quigg, unveils the blue plaque.
  8. Alan Boyd, Secretary – Ulster History Circle, at Robert Quigg’s Grave in Billy Parish Church, Bushmills.