Existing Plaques

Acheson, Anne Crawford – Sculptor, Pioneer Designer Papier-mâché WW1
Adrain, Robert – Mathematician and Vice-Provost University of Pennsylvania
Alexander, Cecil Frances – Hymn Writer
Annesley, Lady Mabel – Artist and wood Engraver
Anderson Margaret – Nurse WW1 &WW2, Royal Red Cross 1919
Andrews, Thomas – Creator of the Titanic
Angeline, Mother (Brigid McCrory)- Founder Carmelite Sisters 1929 New York
Armattoe, Dr. R.E.G – Physican, Anthropologist and Writer
Bambrick, Joe – Footballer
Barnett, George – Local Historian, Geologist and Poet
Barry, Peadar – Secretary, Down County Board GAA, 1926 to 1957
Beckett, Samuel – Nobel Laureate
Berkeley, Bishop George – Philosopher
Bell, Elizabeth G – Physician, Suffragist,
Bell, Eric VC – Soldier Thiepval, the Somme WW1
Bell, Sam Hanna – Writer and broadcaster
Bell, Robert – Geologist
Bigger, Francis Joseph – Antiquary and Celtic Revivalist
Bingham, Edward Barry Stewart – Sailor VC
Black, Dr Samuel – Pioneer Cardiologist
Blakely, Colin – Actor Stage and Screen
Blanchflower, Robert Dennis (Danny) – Footballer, Journalist
Bland, Lilian – Pioneer Aviator
Blaney, Charles
– Civil Engineer, pioneer of Social Housing, and Town Surveyor
Blaney GC, Michael Flood (Max) – BDO, Corps of Royal Engineers
Bodart Ada (Anna Maria Doherty) – War Heroine
Boyd, Stephen – Stage and Screen Actor
Bridle, Kathleen – Artist and Teacher
Brooke, Alan Francis – Viscount Alanbrooke –
Field Marshal.
Brown, E. Godfrey – Musician
Bryce, Viscount James – Jurist, Historian and Diplomat
Bunting, Edward – Harp Music Collector
Byers, Margaret – Educationalist
Cambridge VC, Daniel – Soldier and Yeoman Warder
Campbell, Joseph – Poet
Carey, J.W. – Painter
Carlile Anne Jane – Temperance Pioneer, Co-founder of Band of Hope 1847
Carmichael, Amy – Missionary and Writer
Carnduff, Thomas – The Shipyard Poet
Carvill, Francis – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
Cary, Joyce – Novelist
Chesney, Francis Rawdon – Soldier and Explorer
Clarke John – Potato Breeder
Clarke (nee Crilley), Margaret – Artist
Coey, Sir Edward – Philanthropist
Colhoun, Mabel Remington Educationalist, Historian and Archaeologist
Conor, William – Artist
Copley, Clara (Ma) – Boxing Promoter
Coyle, Kathleen – Novelist
Craig, James Humbert – Artist
Craig, Martha – Enookwashwooshah, ‘Brave Woman’, Writer, Lecturer
Crawford, Captain Jack (John Wallace)– The Poet Scout, Chief of Scouts US Army, writer, entertainer
Crichton V.C., James Bell – Soldier
Crolly, William– Archbishop of Armagh
Crooks, Samuel Bennett – First ‘Black Santa’, Founder of Dean’s Sit-out for Charities at the Cathedral Steps
Daly, Fred – Golfer
Davidson, Sir Samuel – Inventor and Engineer
Deeny, Dr. James – Public Health Pioneer
Desmond, Bridget – Businesswoman and Entrepreneur

Dickson, George – Pioneer Rose Hybridist
Dickson, William Steel – United Irishman
Dill, Sir John – Soldier
Dill, Sir Samuel – Classical Scholar, Educationalist and Writer
Dillon, Gerard – Artist
Dilworth, James Philanthropist
Donnell, Ezekiel J. – Industralist, Polemicist and Philanthropist
Drennan, William – Patriot and Radical
Duff, Charles – Writer and Linguist
Duffin, Emma Sylvia – Nurse WW1, VAD Commandant  WW2, Diarist, Book Illustrator
Duffy, James – Soldier VC
Dunlop, John
– Tyre Inventor
Eaton, Timothy – Industralist
Ewald, Clara – Portrait Painter
English, Lt. Col. William – Soldier VC
Ervine, St John – Writer and Playwriter
Evans, E. Estyn – Geographer
Farley, John Murphy– Cardinal, Archbishop of New York
Farquhar, George – Playwright
Ferguson, Henry George (Harry) – Inventor
Ferguson, Sir Samuel – Poet and Antiquarian
Foster, Vere – Educationalist
Garmson, Aileen Anna – Trade Unionist
Hope, James (Jemmy) – United Irishman
Huddleston, Robert – Poet ‘The Bard of Moneyrea’
Huguenout Community, The – (Lisburn)
Hughes, Barney – Master Baker, Philanthropist
Hughes, John Joseph – First Archbishop of New York 1850
Hughes, Thomas – Soldier VC
Hunter, Mercy – Artist, Calligrapher and Teacher
Hunter, Thomas – Educator and Social Reformer
Hurst, Brian Desmond – Film Director
Hutcheson, Francis – Philosopher and Teacher
Irvine, Alexander – Writer
Jaffe, Sir Otto – Philanthropist and Lord Mayor of Belfast
Johnston, James – Tenor
Johnston, Netta Jane Nicholl – Uilleann Piper, Teacher of Music
Joy, Francis – Founder of the Belfast News Letter
Kelly, Sir Samuel – Coal Importer and Philanthropist
Kelly GC, Thomas Raymond, – Merchant Seaman
Kennedy, William – Uilleann Piper and Pipe Maker
Kelvin (Lord)(William Thomson) – Scientist
King, John – Explorer
Lanyon, Sir Charles – Architect, engineer and politician
Larkin, Philip – Poet
Larmor, Sir Joseph – Mathematical Physicist
Lavery, Sir John – Artist
Lawrence, Sir Henry – Founder of Lawrence Schools, India
Ledwidge, Francis – Soldier and poet
Leech, Sarah
– Poet
Lester, Seán, – Last Secretary-General of the League of Nations
Lever, Charles
– Novelist
Lewinter-Frankl, Zoltan and Anny – Patrons of the Arts and Entrepreneurs
Lewis, C.S.
– Author and Critic
Lewis, Helen
Dancer, choreographer, writer, Holocaust Survivor
Lucas VC, Charles Davis – First recipient of the VC
Luke, John – Artist
Lynd, Robert – Writer
Lyte, Henry Francis – Poet and Hymn Writer
Lyttle, Wesley Greenhill – Writer and Entertainer
Macausland, Dorothea Florence – Formed the first Wonen’s Institute in N. Ireland
Maccabe, Gladys – Artist, Writer, Critic, First President Ulster Society of Women Artists 1957
Maclear, Sir Thomas – Astronomer Royal
Macoun, John – Naturalist and Explorer
Macassey, Luke L. – Civil Engineer and Barrister
Macartney, Viscount George – Ambassador Extraordinary to China
Mac Aingil, Aodh – Scholar, Poet, Bishop
MacCafferty, James – Musician, Teacher, ChoirMaster, Feis Doire Accompanist
MacCullagh, James – Mathematician and Physicist
McNeice, Louis – Poet
Mac Néill, Eoin – Scoláire
MacQuitty, William – Filmmaker, Writer, Photographer
McAdam, Robert Shipboy – Antiquarian and Gaelic Scholar
McAlery, John McCredy – Introduced Association Football to Ireland
McArthur, Kennedy Kane – Olympic Gold Medallist
McArthur, Sir William – Lord Mayor of London & Founding President of the London Chamber of Commerce
McCabe, Thomas and William Putnam – United Irishmen
McCandless, Rex (Richard) – Engineer and Inventor
McCaughey, Sir Samuel – Sheep farmer
McCooey, Art – File (Poet)
McCoubrey, Margaret Taylor – Suffragette, Pacifist, Labour Activist
McCracken, Henry Joy – United Irishman
McCracken, Mary Ann – Social reformer
McCullagh, Sir Crawford – As Lord Mayor of Belfast, first called for a Silence of Rememberance July 1916
McDonnell, Dr. James – Physician “Father of Belfast Medicine”
McFadzean, William F – Soldier VC
McGeown, Mollie – Physician, Nephrologist, Health Service Pioneer
McGregor, James – Led 1718 Migration, Founder of Londonderry New Hampshire
McGuinness, Norah – Artist and Set and Theatre Designer
McHenry, Dr James – Ulster-Scots Writer and American Consul 1842 – 1845
McIlroy, Archibald – Writer and Storyteller
McKay, John – GAA Founding Member 1884
McKelvey, Frank – Artist
McKimm, Charles – First Superintendent of Belfast Parks
McLaverty, Michael – Writer
Magee, Martha – Benefactor
Magee, Patrick – Stage and Screen actor
Maginn, Francis – Pioneer for Rights and Education of Deaf People
Magennis VC, James – Submariner
Makemie, Francis – “Father of American Presbyterianism”
Manson, David – Pionering Schoolmaster
Marconi, Guglielmo – Wireless telegraphy pioneer
Maritime Hotel – Birthplace of Rhythm ‘n’ Blues in Belfast
Marshall, Rev. W.F. – Preacher and Poet
Maunder, Annie, Russell – Mathematician and Pioneering Astronomer
Mitchel, John & Martin, John – Patriots and Writers
Middleton, Colin – Artist
Milligan, Alice and Fox, Charlotte Milligan – Promoters of the Celtic Revival
Monaghan, John (Rinty) – Boxer
Montgomery, Henry – 1788-1865 – Minister, Teacher, Reformer
Montgomery, Henry
1847-1943- Minister and Evangelist

Moore, Brian – Novelist and Screenwriter
Morrow, Robert – Soldier VC
Mulholland, Patricia – Violinist and creator of Irish Festival Dance and Ballet
Mulholland, William – Civil Engineer, Designer of Los Angeles Aqueduct
Murray, Sir James – Inventor of Milk of Magnesia
Murray, Ruby – Singer
Muskett, Arthur Edmund – Plant Pathologist, Mycologist, and Broadcaster
Nelson, Havelock – Conductor, Pianist, Composer, Broadcaster
Nelson, David – Soldier VC
Nicholl, Andrew – Painter,

Nic Mhaicín, MaighréadTranslator, Writer, Scholar of Russian
Noble, Margaret – Writer and Indian Nationalist
O’Byrne, Cathal – Singer Poulsterhistorycircle.org.uk/patrick-oconnellet Writer
O’Doherty, Mrs Edward Henry (Rose) – Teacher of Music, A founder of Feis Doire Colmcille
Ó Droighneáin Muiris – Teacher, Scholar and Gael
Ó Fiaich, Cardinal Tomás – Archbishop of Armagh – Historian, Scholar, Gael.
O’Connell, Patrick – Footballer
O’Connor, John – Writer
O’Malley, Mary – Theatre Director, Co-Founder Lyric Players Theatre
O’Neill, Moira (Agnes Higginson Skrine) – Poet and Novelist
O’Nolan, Brian – Writer
Pantridge, Professor Frank – Cardiologist. – ‘The Father of Emergency Medicine’.
Parke, Dorothy – Musician and Composer
Parker, Stewart – Playwright
Paterson,Thomas George Farquhar – Historian and first Curator Armagh County Museum
Patterson, R. J. – Founder ‘Catch-my-Pal’ Temperance Association 1909
Patterson, Sadie – Trade Unionist and Peace Activist
Phillips, H.B. – Impresario
Pollock, Oliver – Merchant, American Patriot, credited with devised the $ign
Pottinger, Sir Henry – First Governor of Hong Kong
Praeger, Robert Lloyd – Naturalist and Historian
Praeger, Rosamond – Sculptor
Quigg, Robert VC – Soldier at the Somme
Reid, Thomas Mayne -Novelist and Adventurer
Ricardo, Ambrose – Soldier, Philanthropist, co-founder Londonderry Feis
Ritchie, William – Pioneer Shipbuilder
Robert the Bruce – King of the Scots
Rodgers, Paul – Ship Builder
Rodgers, WR – Poet and Broadcaster
Russell, George William – Artist, mystic, writer
Russell, Thomas – United Irishman
Scott, William – Artist
Shiels, George – Playwright
Sigerson, Dr George – Physician, professor, Writer, Gael
Sinclair, Thomas – Leading Presbyterian, Liberal Unionist Philanthropist
Sinton, John Alexander –  VC FRS
Skeffington, Francis Sheehy – Nationalist, Pacifist, Feminist, Socialist
Somers, James – Soldier VC
Staples Bt, Sir Robert Ponsonby – Artist
Starrat, William – Philomath, Land Surveyor, Early Ulster-Scots Poet 1722
Stewart, George Vasey – New Zealand Pioneer
Stewart, Alexandrina McCausland – Founder Londonderry Philharmonic Society 1899, Feis Ceoil 1900
Sullivan, Robert – Educationalist and benefactor
Swift, Jonathan – Author of Gulliver’s Travels
Templeton, JohnNaturalist, Pioneer of Irish Botany
Tod, Isbella – Suffragist and Campaigner for Women’s Rights
Thompson, Sam – Playwright
Thomson, Hugh – Illustrator
Thompson, Joseph Henry – Soldier, US Medal of Honor
Tomelty, Joseph – Actor and Writer
Trimble, Joan – Composer and Teacher, Concert Pianist
Trollope, Anthony – Novelist
United Irishmen, Society Of – Meeting place
Waddell, Helen – Writer and Scholar
Wallace, Sir Richard – Philanthropist and Art Collector
Walton, Ernest – Physicist and Nobel Laureate
White VC, Sir George – Hero of Ladysmith
Weaving, Harry Willoughby – Poet and Schoolmaster
Welch, Robert John – Photographer
Whitla, Sir Willaim – Physician and Philanthropist
Wilde, Oscar – Writer and Wit
Wilson, Guy – Daffodil grower
Wolff, Gustav Wilhelm – Shipbuilder
Yeats, John B. – Artist and Writer
Young, James – Actor and Comedian