Timothy Eaton

1834 to 1907

 eatontimothy1 eaton plaque

Eaton was born on a farm in Clogher near Portglenone. His apprenticeship was served in the general store owned by a relative by marriage at 48 Main Street Portglenone before he emigrated to Canada in 1854. With his two brothers he opened a general shop in St Mary’s, Ontario. Then, in 1868, he moved to Toronto where he set up a store based on the principal of cash sales at fixed prices. Eaton became a highly successful businessman in Canada, establishing the T.Eaton Limited chain of department stores throughout the country and employing over 7,000 staff by the time he died in 1907. He also pioneered the use of the Mail Order Catalogue. Eaton was an enlightened employer, concerned about the welfare of his staff. For example, he was the first employer to introduce early closing.

He died in Toronto in 1907.

Location of plaque: 30 Killyflugh Road, Ballymena